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🇪🇸 Kaki Persimon - Non -Organic / Hung Tai Fresh Fruit / Spain / 2 pc 500g

🇪🇸 Kaki Persimon - Non -Organic / Hung Tai Fresh Fruit / Spain / 2 pc 500g

Persimmons are ready to eat, with crispy skin and orange flesh. The persimmon, known in Spanish as "caqui" ("kaki" is the botanical name), is a sweet, fleshy fruit that originated in Asia and was brought to Europe between the 17th - 19th centuries.

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Hung Tai Fresh Fruit

🚚 The Fastest Delivery Time : 2-3 day delivery.
🐝 Supplier / Place Of Origin:Hung Tai Fresh Fruit / Spain

🌱 About the Supplier:

Cheung Gor have worked as a chef in a hotel for many years, and I definitely have requirements for ingredients. In another runway, He engaged in fruit wholesale. In 2013, Cheung Gor just rented my own durian factory in Thailand. Winning the love of customers and scientists, there is a T Market in Tin Shui Wai that sells fruit directly and operates a neighborhood business.

🌱 Supplier Products:

🛍 Product Information:

Binomial Name:Diospyros kaki L.f.

Chinese Name:西班牙甜柿 | 脆甜柿

Other Names:Spain Persimmon | Persimon

Product Description:Currently, persimmon cultivation in Spain is mainly concentrated on the east coast, although it has expanded to other regions in recent years.

Persimmons were first cultivated in their native China in the 7th century AD, and then spread spontaneously to Japan and Korea, where there are now more than 2,000 varieties or cultivars.

Variety name: “Rojo Brillante” (Bright Red)
Origin: Ribera Alta (a district in Valencia province)

Shape: Oblong and large calibre

Pulp: Crispy, firm and orange in colour, when astringency has been removed (sold under the Persimon® brand). Red and gelatinous texture when astringency has not been removed.

Flavour: Deliciously sweet and juicy

It is the ripe fruit of persimmon. Sweet and astringent, cold in nature. It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, moistening the lungs and relieving cough, reducing swelling, strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi, nourishing the stomach, and hemostasis in the middle and astringent intestines. Those that can't turn sweet after they are fully ripe on the tree are called "sweet persimmons"; those that can turn sweet after they are fully ripened on the tree are called "sweet persimmons" that can be eaten raw after harvesting. Its sweetness comes from the glucose and fructose it contains, and it is also a source of energy; at the same time, it is rich in carotenoids, which help protect the eyes and enhance the body's ability to resist disease.

Originated in China, it has spread to Japan in the Tang Dynasty. It is now planted in all parts of North and South China. In addition, India, the Philippines, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Canada and the southern United States are also cultivated in small amounts.

Variety:There are 1000 varieties of persimmons

there are 2 types of persimmons, but actually there are now 3 types. The first two broad types of persimmon are types dictated by nature: the astringent type and the non-astringent type. For the astringent type of persimmon you must wait until the fruit is ripe and soft before eating. A good commonly found example of an astringent type persimmon is the Hachiya persimmon (see watercolor above).

Some other types of astringent persimmons are Eureka, Honan Red, Saijo, Tamopan, Tanenashi, Triumph, Chocolate (seedless), Gailey (seedless), Hyakume (seedless), Maru (seedless) and Nishimura Wase (seedless).

For the non-astringent type the fruit can be eaten once the fruit is fully colored, meaning that you can eat the persimmon when the flesh is still firm. Which is lovely as the texture of a firm persimmon is like a cross between the texture of an apple and a peach. A good and commonly found example of the non-astringent type of persimmon is the Fuyu persimmon (see photo above).

Some other examples of non-astringent persimmons are Gosho, Imoto, Izu, Jiro, Maekawajiro, Okugosho, Suruga, Chocolate, Gailey, Hyakume, Maru and Nishimura Wase.

Supply Season:The main collection period is from November to January of the following year, and Hong Kong is supplied throughout the year.

Storage Method:Persimmons can be stored at room temperature, 20 °C (68 °F), where they will continue to ripen. In northern China, unripe persimmons are frozen outdoors during the winter to speed up the ripening process.

When immature, it must be kept at room temperature for three to five days. Persimmons will have the best flavor when they are left to rest and soften slightly after harvesting. When immature, the tannin content in the fruit is high and the fruit will become astringent and bitter. As the fruit ripens, the tannin content decreases. When ripe, the fruit consists of thick jelly encased in a thin, waxy shell.

After ripening, it can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated. Ripe persimmons can be refrigerated for up to several weeks, although extreme temperature changes may result in a mushy texture. It is recommended to store persimmons stem end down.

Try not to refrigerate persimmons

Then when you eat it raw after freezing it usually loses a lot of its flavor. However, you can freeze the peeled wedges if you want to use them later or are preparing a dish that requires freezing (for example, making a sorbet).

#Should Be / Avoided:
Appropriate: Suitable for people suffering from high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, nausea, hiccups, belching, and blood in the stool.
Avoid: Exogenous cold, cough, frail, postpartum women, women should not eat during menstruation.

*Edible Compatibility:
Availability: Not reported in the literature. Compatibility: 1. Prickly pear and wine: Eating persimmons and drinking together will speed up the absorption rate of wine, making it easy to hangover; alcohol will stimulate gastrointestinal secretion, and the tannins and gastric acid in persimmons will form a thick and thin substance, which is easy to mix with Cellulose solidifies and affects gastrointestinal health. 2. Persimmons and oysters or crabs: When persimmons and oysters or crab meat are eaten together, the tannins of persimmons will coagulate and agglomerate with the proteins of oysters or crab meat, hindering the digestion and absorption of proteins, stimulating the stomach and easily causing diarrhea. 3. Persimmons and acidic foods: The tannins contained in persimmons can synthesize an indigestible coagulation substance with acidic foods.

Cooking Skills:The fruit is mostly oblate, and in recent years, there is also a very unique (donut) persimmon. Depending on the variety, the color varies from light orange to dark orange, and the size is about 2 to 10 cm. The weight is about 100 ~ 350 grams. The fruit can be eaten raw. In addition, dried persimmons can be made into dried persimmons, which can be stored for a long time. There is a layer of white powder on the outside of the persimmon cake. When the persimmon is dried and made into a persimmon cake, the glucose crystals that seep out as the water in the pulp evaporates form a condensate, which is called persimmon frost. Dried persimmons help keep the surface of the pie dry. Persimmons can also be made into persimmon wine, persimmon vinegar, and processed into preserved persimmons, persimmon powder, persimmon frost, persimmon tea, frozen persimmons, etc.

Notes:"Unripe persimmons" must be artificially ripped before it can be eaten. Unripe persimmons contain the soluble tannin shibuol, which, upon contact with a weak acid, polymerizes in the stomach and forms a gluey coagulum, a "foodball" or phytobezoar, that can affix with other stomach matter.

Persimmons are cold in nature, so those who are weak should not eat too much; healthy people should not eat too much at one time. Eating too much will not only hinder digestion, but also cause the intestinal wall to converge because persimmons contain more tannins, making people feel gastrointestinal discomfort. If you eat the seeds on an empty stomach, the tannic acid in the seeds will easily combine with the gastric juice to produce a solidified precipitate that is not easy to digest. Eating too much food will easily form stomach stones. It is not suitable to eat other acidic foods after eating Taozi.
The pedicle of the fruit is the sepal that persists on the fruit. It is astringent in taste and neutral in nature, and has the effect of lowering qi and stopping hiccups.

Persimmons can be eaten fresh, dry, raw or cooked. When eaten fresh, they are usually eaten whole like apples, cut into bite-size slices, or peeled, although the skin is edible. Ripe persimmons have a soft texture and one way to eat them is to remove the top leaves with a paring knife and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. You can also remove the top leaves of ripe persimmons, split the fruit in half, and eat it from the inside out.

Dishes: Egg Soup.

Kaki Persimon ice cream from L'Oncle Pere

L'Oncle Pere Persimmon Cheesecake

Kaki Persimon® a la brava by L'Oncle Pere

L'Oncle Pere's Persimmon Salad

3 original recipes for snacks with Kaki Persimon

3 original recipes for desserts using Kaki Persimon

Persimon Persimmon and Smoke Magnet Panini

Persimon® Sautéed Prawns with Persimmon and Sichuan Peppercorns

Caki DOP Gazpacho from Ribera del Xúquer

Persimon persimmon pudding, speculum powder

Persimon persimmon

🔸 Supplementary Information:
Kaki dop ribra del xúquer

Pre-order for 2-4 days. The supply depends on the delivery situation, or it will be shipped separately.

🥗 Product Category (English): Spain Persimmon

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🔅 Remark:

🍎 Preserve fruits

1. Fruits especially with softer skin, if packaged, should be placed in the cold box in the original package;
2. Organic fruits are more prone to spoilage if they have water droplets. Put the fruits in a ventilated place to dry or wipe off the water vapor, then wrap the fruits in slightly damp newspaper and put them in a plastic bag before refrigerating. ;
3. Organic fruits do not use preservatives or special treatments. fruits are generally stored for three to five days in room temperature only, should be kept in fridge. Some fruits e.g. papaya will decompose enzymes, so they should be eaten as soon as possible.

🍏 How to wash fruits

Special attention: The dishes, especially small flowers and broccoli, are best soaked in the water to remove residual pesticides (this is organic farm, but will have, but not chemical, except to Re-generative Farm). It is recommended to use our vegetables and vegetables environmentally friendly cleaner Dish Drops for 3 to 5 minutes to eliminate residuals Sand and organic pesticide.

1. Wash fruits before eating to keep them fresh;
2. It is not advisable to soak the fruits for too long, and they should be washed first and then cut to avoid the loss of vitamins;
3. Washing fruits with dilute salt water or Dish Drop can easily remove vegetable insects;
4. Cut fruits with a stainless steel knife to reduce vitamin loss;
5. Vegetable leaves contain a lot of nutrients, so you should avoid shredding, chopping or grinding the leaves;
6. Immediately eat after cutting, to avoid the loss of vitamins due to air oxidation.
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