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Welcome to HGF, our produce for the next week will be updated at Friday 5pm.

Restaurant delivery is every Tue, Thu Sat & Sun and lead time is 2 days.

Return Policy

Return Policy - Homegrownfoods (HGF)

HGF will only provide return or replacement services for defective/wrong products (customers need to provide pictures or certificates, and contact us within 24 hours, otherwise we will not process any return or replacement request, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.), all other products purchased in our company are not provided with return and replacement services. 

Organic vegetables and fruits are not applied with pesticides, hypochlorous acid water, ozone and preservatives. In addition, we reduce packaging, planting climate and harvest time, and surface defects are purely normal. We will not return or exchange products based on personal subjective factors (For example: the goods do not meet expectations, there are many  worms bite holes in Choi Sum, damage caused by insects, a small amount of yellow leaves, natural birds and other animal bites , dry water, aroma, size, sweetness, etc.). However, if vegetables and fruits have large-scale damage/damage, we are happy to make return/exchange arrangements regarding the degree of damage, please contact HGF within 24 hours.  If you will have questions. Send us photos of vegetables and fruits. 

Return process

1. If customers find any defects/errors in the goods, please contact online customer service immediately. If it is not during working hours, please leave a message online and we will reply as soon as possible. 

2. Please return the goods to the company after the application is approved, and indicate your name, telephone number, order number and reason for return. 

3. We will inspect the returned goods. 

4. After we complete the inspection, we will notify the customer to place an order again, and the payment for the returned goods and express delivery fee will be refunded after deducting the new order. 

5. If the returned goods are refunded, we will notify the customer via phone message. 

6. If you have any questions, please contact us within 24 hours. All overtime inquiries will not be processed. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

For Refund Arrangements, please refer to this article.