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Our store's delivery is now extended to Cheung Chau, Mui Wo and Tai O, Lantau Island. Please support us!

Restaurant delivery is every Tue, Thu Sat & Sun and lead time is 2 days.

Welcome to HGF, our produce for the next week will be updated at Friday 5pm.

we are homegrown


Welcome new customers, we look forward to shopping with you!

Homegrownfoods provides you fruits, vegetables, quality foods and grocery delivery in our store, it is not limited to any.

When it comes to groceries and health foods, Homegrownfoods carries almost everything!

We pride ourselves on supplying customers with organic, natural health food! All Vegetables are Home Grown! 

From non-addictive foods, fresh products to drinks and frozen food to our gluten free selection. This also includes organic local meats and organic fruit and vegetables.

We are now selling some of our great products on-line and offer home delivery to Discovery Bay, Outlying Islands, if you are in these areas special arrangments can be made. 

Our fresh produce each week comes through certified organic farms and honorable food suppliers, therefore avoiding ambiguity, misleading . Our desire to maintain the ethical standard throughout the whole chain of a produce does mean increased prices but it sets us apart from most other grocery stores, who cannot provide this guarantee.

As a locally owned online store with physical store, we try to source our products locally where feasible. It gives us great pleasure to build relationship with local producers and companies to serve our local customers.

If you have a after-service question or about a product we carry, we delivered, contact us and we’d be happy to help!

We will soon launch Customized Vegetable Boxes again for your convenience!  Please use our search engine, or the header, to find the products you want to add to your cart; any items from our store can be added to your order.  Once your cart is full you can proceed to checkout.  Your items will be added to your order and delivery method will be as per your choice.  Providing you with what you want is our priority! 


Our mother company Healthy Express saw China as a place with huge potential for reversing the current fast-food trend by setting the benchmark in agriculture while advocating the benefits of eating premium, sustainable clean food. So the search was on for organic ingredients produced with integrity...

In early 2014, we initiated contacting local farms who share our vision and farmers in Hong Kong who run local organic vegetables. The coverage extends from the northern New Territories of Hong Kong to Yunnan, China. Products from these farms were subsequently tested, and more stringent testing by the local industry such as HKORC (local official organic certification body), supermarket chains and Consumer Council, and have stood the test of time - our relationship with organic vegetable supply farms has been established. By mid-2014, this clean and sustainable product was incorporated into the product line.

Proven demand and ample supply unveiled an opportunity - why not make such ingredients readily available to consumers through a direct-to-household service?
Homegrownfoods was officially launched in mid-2007. The initial serves the english speaking local customer for over 10 years. As a service provider whose core values include putting the consumer first, Homegrownfoods now delivers to most anywhere in Hong Kong, 7 days a week.

Mission -- quality organic food, from our local farms to your table

Premium clean food at its peak - from our farms to your table Healthy Express is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles by offering food that is at its nutritional and palatable peak. We partner with local family farms that use a convenient and economical system to harvest crops at their optimal ripeness - to bring you locally-grown, organic food that tastes better and is better for you.

Putting 'our mission' where our mouth is - random independent testing with local Labs (the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company) is done annually, supply to reputable supermarket chains in Hong Kong.

Local vs. long distance

Looks can be deceiving. Taste is defining. Overseas produce are picked before they fully ripen to offset the long distance they must travel before arriving to you ‘fresh’. By the time they hit the supermarket shelves, their ripeness has occurred over a course of many miles traveled on an airplane in darkness. Their nutrition and flavor fall well short of their potential - having been plucked too early from the vine, branch or earth that provides continuing nutrients.

Core Values

Our team is the perennial touch-point across our product and our service.

They are empowered with knowledge to do the job at hand effectively and efficiently. They are infused with an enthusiasm that spills over into what you finally get from us - exceptional-tasting produce grown with love by our farmers or a smile that you can hear over the phone as we personally answer your enquiries.

We are only as good as our people. Which is why we have such good people.

In what we do... It makes us more aware, more focused, more motivated to take the initiative and constantly strive to improve. And always do more for our customer.

In what we believe...
Choice is so important to our customer. From payment options to customized boxes to delivery times, we feel that this investment in your freedom to choose is money well spent. And a healthier, cleaner environment and lifestyle is possible if we increase the local organic agricultural community with your support.

From our packers to our customer representatives, every one of our team knows the product. We meet with our farmers weekly to discuss upcoming harvests, plan new production items to increase the variety of offerings, QC each vegetable prior to packing, and provide human customer service that you can reach anytime. Of course, you choose to reply with your preferred method such as WhatsApp, order notes, we are happy to follow up!

For the love of nature...
Our team ensures that our farmers are using natural methods that encourage sustainability by improving the local environment. We provide fresh food import hygiene certificates, organic certification reports and order records from farms. And we source from multiple local farms to provide more variety and stability to our customers, while we use our purchasing ability to give chance to small farm encouraging local farmers to farm naturally and in organic way.

We aim to establish the connection between local producers and local consumers. A connection that will improve our health and the health of our land.