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🇳🇱 Harvest Of Health Vine Tomatos - Non -Organic / Harvest of Health / Netherlands / Per 1 Portion 450 - 600g (*Approx.)

🇳🇱 Harvest Of Health Vine Tomatos - Non -Organic / Harvest of Health / Netherlands / Per 1 Portion 450 - 600g (*Approx.)

This brand of tomatoes is very sweet and plump and red in color.

There Are Three Types Of Delicious Tomatoes In Harvest Of Health: Mini Cherry Vine Tomatoes, Cocktails Have Branches Tomatoes And Branches With Branches.

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Harvest of Health

🚚 The Fastest Delivery Time : 需時2-3天。
🐝 Supplier / Place Of Origin:Harvest of Health / Netherlands

🌱 Producer Introduction:

There are three types of delicious tomatoes in Harvest of Health: mini cherry vine tomatoes, cocktails have branches tomatoes and branches with branches. The choice of these varieties is because of its full, sweet taste and beautiful dark red colors. Because of our meticulous monitoring quality, you can trust the perfect tomatoes throughout the year.

🌱 Supplier Products:

🛍 Product Information (Main) (English):

Binomial Name:Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.

Chinese Name:蕃茄 | 番茄

Other Names:Tomato

Product Description:Sweet and sour, slightly cold in nature. It has the effects of invigorating the stomach and digestion, promoting body fluid and quenching thirst, clearing heat and detoxifying, lowering blood pressure, cooling blood and calming liver, nourishing blood and moistening dryness, relaxing tendons and activating collaterals, etc. Tomatoes contain a variety of elements that can enhance human immunity and prevent cancer, including lycopene, β-carotene, vitamin C, etc., which help to resist oxidation and prevent cell membranes from being damaged by free radicals, thereby protecting cell health. Lycopene is especially good for Helps in preventing prostate tumors in men; in addition, beta-carotene combined with lutein and zeaxanthin work synergistically to help prevent vision loss.

Native to South America, it was introduced to Europe in the 16th century and to Asia in the 17th century. Tomatoes cultivated in China were introduced from Southeast Asia at this time, and after cultivation and selection, a number of varieties suitable for China's climate and cultivation requirements were cultivated.

Variety:Since there are many varieties of tomatoes, the colors are also different, including yellow, orange, red and so on. In addition, there are also cherry tomatoes and pearl eggplants. Occasionally there is a kind of milky yellow oval like white dates, which is called milk tomato.
Generally, tomato planting can be divided into three purposes: cooking, fresh consumption and processing.

Cooked tomatoes are:
Steak Tomatoes (cooked or fresh)
Momotaro Tomatoes (Tony Tomatoes)

Fresh edible tomatoes are basically small fruit tomatoes:
milk tomato
Virgin Tomatoes
Golden Boy Tomatoes
Jade Tomato
Dorothy Tomatoes

Supply Season:The main production period is from November to June of the following year, and it is available in Hong Kong throughout the year.

Storage Method:Wipe the surface of the tomato with a rag, and put it in a cool and ventilated place (with the pedicle upward), and it can generally be stored for about 10 days. As for tomatoes that are not fully ripe, they can be left at room temperature to ripen slowly, which can generally be stored for about 2 to 5 weeks.
Tomatoes are suitable for low-temperature refrigeration when they are ripe. They can be stored in the refrigerator for one week to ten days.

#Should Be / Avoided:
Appropriate: It is suitable for those suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, hepatitis, cholecystitis, gallstones, arteriosclerosis, and cancer; in addition, it is also suitable for those who are deficient in vitamin C, pellagra, and chickenpox.
Avoid: Deficiency of the spleen and stomach should not eat too much. Women should not eat raw tomatoes during menstruation. Patients with acute enteritis, bacillary dysentery and active ulcer should not eat it. In addition, people with hyperacidity should not eat on an empty stomach, because tomatoes contain a lot of amines and soluble astringents, etc., which can easily cause stomach distension and pain after eating.

Pregnant women can eat tomatoes

Properties (TCM): cold
Five Flavors in TCM: Sweet, Sour
Efficacy Promote body fluid and quench thirst, invigorate stomach and eliminate food, clear away heat and detoxify

Tomatoes are rich in protein and vitamin C. They are not only good in quality and cheap but also help in beauty, and they also have the functions of appetizing and stimulating appetite. Therefore, tomatoes have almost become one of the favorite foods of pregnant mothers.
Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which has the effect of maintaining skin. Eating tomatoes can help pregnant women prevent and reduce stretch marks. However, pregnant women should not eat green tomatoes, because green tomatoes contain a lot of toxic tomatine, which may affect fetal development after eating by pregnant women.
Generally, after 2 to 3 months of pregnancy, the fetal bones begin to form. The main component of bones is calcium, but to make free calcium form calcium salts and deposit in bones, acidic substances must participate. Pregnant women eating more acidic foods are also beneficial to the absorption of iron and promote the production of hemoglobin; vitamin C is also an essential nutrient for pregnant women and fetuses, while foods rich in vitamin X are mostly acidic.

*Edible Compatibility:
Appropriate: 1. Tomato and cabbage: Chinese cabbage and tomato both contain vitamin C and potassium, and eating together can help prevent colds, relax muscles, and soothe your mood. Avoid: 1. Tomato and shochu: Enjoying at the same time will cause chest tightness, which can be eliminated by using mung beans. 2. Tomato and mung bean: Eating at the same time can easily damage your vitality. 3. Tomato and Cucumber: Cucumber contains vitamin C decomposing enzymes, which will destroy a large amount of vitamin C contained in tomatoes. 4. When using tetracycline antibiotics, eat less alkaline foods such as tomatoes, because this will reduce the solubility of tetracycline, thereby reducing the efficacy of the drug.

Cooking Skills:The edible part is the fruit. After plucking the stalks, wash the outer layers of the tomatoes thoroughly under running tap water, carefully cleaning the depressions.
Do not eat tomatoes on an empty stomach. Tomatoes contain a lot of gum, fruit, persimmon gum powder, soluble astringent and other ingredients. These substances are easy to chemically react with gastric acid to form insoluble lumps, blocking the gastric outlet and causing abdominal pain.
Do not eat immature tomatoes, because cyan tomatoes contain a large amount of toxic tomatine. After eating, poisoning symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and general fatigue will appear.
Do not add too much sugar to raw tomatoes. Because tomatoes are slightly sour, adding sugar when eaten raw can make the sweetness stronger and taste better. However, do not add too much sugar. If there is too much sugar, it will increase blood sugar virtually, and too much blood sugar will affect your health.
Don't eat too much, too much will cause diarrhea.
In fact, no matter what delicious food it is, you should eat it in moderation.

Notes:Studies have now pointed out that tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene, which can effectively prevent prostate cancer. Substances for treating high blood pressure are also extracted from citronella.
Green tomatoes contain a lot of tomatine, which can cause dizziness, nausea, and vomiting after eating raw, and can even lead to death in severe cases, so it is not suitable for consumption. There have been many salmonella poisoning incidents involving raw tomatoes in the United States, so it is advisable to choose carefully and cook them correctly.
Tomatoes can be eaten as fruit, but don’t eat them on an empty stomach, because the stomach acid is thicker, and it will condense with persimmon phenol and other substances in tomatoes to form substances that are not easily soluble, blocking the outlet of the stomach, causing gastric dilatation and abdominal pain.
When people fall asleep, a tissue called the pineal gland in the brain will secrete melatonin to promote various repair mechanisms; it can also help fall asleep and improve the quality of sleep. If you can't fall asleep at night, you can drink a small glass of tomato juice, because tomato juice contains a lot of vitamin C, drinking it before going to bed will help you fall asleep.

Dish:Tomatoes can also cook many delicious dishes, the most common ones are tomato scrambled eggs, tomato soup, tomato salad, pickled tomatoes and so on.
Tomato scrambled eggs, tomato potato soup, fungus tomato meat slices, tomato red shirt fish.

Product Information (Supplement):
Erwin Van Der Lans is one of the directors of Tomato growers Lans. He has been planting Harvest of Health for many years.

"At that time, we were looking for the best vine tomatoes in the same kind. The flavor, quality and shelf life was our most important standard. After a long time of searching, we chose these three varieties. Because of their special quality, they have the right to obtain" The name of Harvest of Health "is correct, because they are the most delicious and healthier tomatoes I know. Every day, our entire employee team is responsible for the production of high -quality tomatoes. I am very proud of it."


Suggested Eating Method:
Storage method:
• Please keep it in the refrigerator and eat it as soon as possible
• Fresh vegetables are natural things, without any chemical agents, the preservation period is 2-5 days

🥗 Recipe (English Version):

Google Recipe 🔍 :
English CookPad 🍳 :
BBC Good Food 🥙 :

🔅Precautions (English Version):

菜️ Save Vegetables

1. Vegetable Leaves And Softer Vegetables, If There Are Packaging, Put In The Cold Box In The Original Seal;
2. If There Is A Water Droplet With Vegetables, It Is Easier To Rot. Put The Vegetables In The Ventilated Place Or Squeeze The Water And Gas, And Then Roll The Vegetables With A Slightly Wet Newspaper.
3. Organic Vegetables Are Not Used In Preservatives And Special Treatment. Vegetable Storage Is Generally Three To Five Days. Some Vegetables Will Decompose Enzymes, So They Should Be Eaten As Soon As Possible.

菜️ Clean Vegetables

1. Wash Vegetables Before Cooking To Keep The Vegetables Fresh;
2. It Should Not Be Too Long To Soak The Vegetables.
3. Wash The Vegetables With Dish Drop With Dilute Saline Or Vegetable And Vegetable Cleaner, Which Can Be Easier To Remove Vegetables And Insects;
4. Cut The Vegetables With Stainless Steel Knives To Reduce The Loss Of Vitamin;
5. The Vegetable Leaves Contain A Lot Of Nutrients, And The Vegetable Leaves Should Be Avoided, Chopped Or Grinded;
6. After Cutting, It Should Be Put On The Pot Immediately To Avoid Being Oxidized By The Air.
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