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Ping Yuen Chicken - Non-Hormone / HK Kelang Modern Agriculture / Hongkong / Per 1 pcs 1350 - 1430g (*Approx.)

Ping Yuen Chicken - Non-Hormone / HK Kelang Modern Agriculture / Hongkong / Per 1 pcs 1350 - 1430g (*Approx.)

Yellow meat chicken, full of aroma, tender and smooth, crispy skin and soft bones, plump fat and delicious taste. Born and raised up to a hundred days close to the tranquil Ping Yuen River, NT.

Growth period: about 80-100 days
Size: about 2 catties - 2.5 catties (original);

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Fresh chicken needs to be ordered 2-3 days in advance, and generally slaughtered on the same day and will arrive within one day.
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HK Kelang Modern Agriculture

🚚 The Fastest Delivery Time : Delivery As Soon As 1-2 Days.
🐝 Supplier / Place Of Origin:HK Kelang Modern Agriculture / Hongkong
🔖 Certification: Licensed by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Nature Conservation Department for raising poultry; one of the 20 legally licensed and supervised farms of the Fisheries and Conservation Department.

🎗 Online Restricted Food Selling Permit License Number: 0363802523
Approved License: Prepackaged Frozen (Chilled) Poultry
Licensed address: Healthy Express, A19, 4th Floor, Luen Hing Factory Building, 109, King Lam Street

🌱 Producer Introduction:

Established in June 2012, Hong Kong Kelong Modern Agriculture has four farms in Hong Kong, located in Fanling, Sheung Shui and Yuen Long. The four farms support 260,000 chickens, with an average of 4,000 chickens per day. The farm has a one-stop chicken raising technology: the establishment of breeding, feed production, from eggs to chick hatching, feeding management, one-stop monitoring, all carried out locally in Hong Kong, and it is the first environmentally friendly farm in Hong Kong to ensure top quality and stable supply.

🌱 Supplier Products:

🛍 Product Information (Main) (English):

Binomial Name:Gallus gallus domestica

Chinese Name:平原雞

Other Names:Ping Yuen Chicken

Product Description:It has light white skin, thin skin, less fat, and is rich in collagen and protein. After cooking, it has a golden color and strong aroma. KC, the founder of Pingyuan Chicken 🐓, has a 🐣 incubation base, egg hatching room and chicken coop in Kwu Tung. Pingyuan Chicken and Pingyuan Taizi Chicken are raised scientifically.

Passed the test of the famous international testing center SGS, which does not contain the antibiotics and hormones prohibited by the Hong Kong government for animals.
The farm has a one-stop chicken raising technology: the establishment of breeding, feed production, from eggs to chick hatching, broiler feeding management, one-stop monitoring, all carried out in Hong Kong, and it is the first environmentally friendly farm in Hong Kong to ensure top quality and supply Stablize.

Born and raised up to a hundred days close to the tranquil Ping Yuen River, in the heart of the idyllic countryside in the northern New Territories of Hong Kong. It is lusciously succulent and tender with a great depth in flavour. It has a signature golden-yellow skin.

Variety:Domestic chicken breeds

Supply Season:There are supply throughout the year.

Storage Method:Store at low temperature. Refrigerate at 2-4 degrees Celsius for 2-4 days; freeze at -18 degrees Celsius or below 4-6 months. Before storing in the refrigerator, wrap it in plastic wrap, plastic box or plastic wrap to prevent moisture loss and affect the original flavor and taste.

🔆 Fresh Chicken Trivia

🥢 What to do if I bought fresh chicken and do not cook it on the same day 🧐:

🐓 When you buy fresh chicken, please put it in the refrigerator (0-4 degrees) immediately to keep it fresh 💯.

🐓 🐓 If the fresh chicken is not eaten on the same day, please store it in the ice tray (0 to -18 degrees) and freeze it; just put it in the general refrigerator or vegetable and fruit cabinet (0-4 degrees) the night before eating, You can cook the next day🧑🏻‍🍳🥢😋.

🐓 🐓 🐓 High-quality fresh chicken is frozen in the ice tray (0 to -18 degrees) for 15 days. It does not have much effect on the meat quality. After thawing, cooking will still have the aroma of fresh meat; but if it is placed in the ice tray (0 to -18 degrees) degrees) more than 15 days, the meat quality and flavor will be slightly inferior, but still better than the meat quality of frozen chicken that has been refrigerated for one year or more 🥰.

#Should Be / Avoided:
It can be eaten by the general public. Women, especially pregnant women, those who are deficient in blood, deficient in liver and kidney, and weak in spleen and stomach should eat it.

*Edible Compatibility:
1. Chicken is eaten with ginkgo and lotus seeds, which is effective for women with frail body and those with a lot of leucorrhea. 2. People with diabetes and thirst can cook with yam, yellow flower and chicken. 3. Eat chicken and chestnuts together to help strengthen hematopoietic function, especially for old hens. 4. Chicken and ginseng are eaten together, especially suitable for the frail and malnourished people. 5. Chicken should not be eaten with carp, crucian carp, water fish, shrimp, sesame, chrysanthemum, onion and garlic. Chicken, sesame and chrysanthemum are easily poisoned when eaten together. 6. Cooking chicken with garlic will easily cause stagnation of gas and make the body uncomfortable. 7. Eating chicken with plums and rabbit meat will cause diarrhea. 8. Chicken and mustard will be on fire when eaten together.

Cooking Skills:Steam chicken: Steam the upper body and back for 15 minutes, turn it upside down and steam for 15 minutes, then turn off the heat and wait for 10 to 15 minutes without opening the lid. This approach is more slippery. Depending on the size of the chicken, add or subtract time. Pay attention to whether there is blood in the chicken spleen. Chicken soaking method (with chicken soup): the method is more complicated, you can ask experienced friends for advice.

Chicken oil, chicken broth and fat paste don't lose the good chicken taste
For steamed chicken dishes, it is advisable to leave the chicken oil and fat in the chicken, put it in a wok, use high heat to force out the fat, and fry the chicken with chicken oil. When frying the chicken, first fry the chicken skin side, and then fry the chicken On that side, the chicken skin is more crispy and the chicken taste is more fragrant.
As for the chicken oil and chicken broth used when steaming chicken, you can save the main dishes and cook noodles. The ingredients of the chicken oil match with the food, which can bring out the natural flavor. Locally raised chickens, the chicken oil is healthier than the general market.

Roast Chicken

Blow dry and burn more crispy
​The skill of roasting chicken is to ensure that the skin of the chicken is dry, so that the skin of the roasted chicken is crispy.
Make a sauce with maltose and white vinegar and spread it on the chicken skin, then let it air-dry indoors or freeze it in the refrigerator until the skin is dry. During the cooking period, apply a little oil and honey in batches to increase the crispiness and avoid drying out.

This is shared by one of our experienced kitchen masters:

Chicken Dip Method - Johnson Lee
Wash the chicken and brush it, boil the water and put the ginger and spring onion (the water should be able to soak the chicken noodles)
Tie the chicken wings, hang the chicken into the boiling water for about 15-20 seconds, lift it up and let the water in the chicken belly clear, repeat three times, then put the chicken into the water, turn off the heat after a big boil, to make the chicken tender and smooth, cover and soak for 20 minutes minute
It should be fully cooked and soaked for 30 minutes, then put the chicken in ice water, after it is completely cooled, chop the chicken and serve it on a plate. 😊

Notes:At present, three yellow chickens in Guangdong Province can be roughly divided into the following four categories according to their production performance and body size:
1. Guangdong local breeding farms, commonly known as soil breeders.
2. High-quality "soil-like" yellow chicken represented by Shiqiza and Yuehuang chicken.
3. Based on Shiqi mixed chicken, it has been improved, and its growth rate is relatively fast, commonly known as "medium-fast type" Sanhuang chicken.
4. "Fast large" Sanhuang chickens, represented by Yuehuang "882", are large in size, fast in growth, and contain a certain bloodline of broiler chicken breeds.

Dish:White-cut chicken: Longgang chicken or Qingyuan chicken

Famous gourmet writer Fang Xiaolan said that if you want to make white-cut chicken, you should choose Longgang chicken or Qingyuan chicken. However, Longgang chicken is relatively large and has a lot of meat. The white-cut chicken should serve at least 5-6 people. If you want tender meat, you should not choose old chicken.

Boiled Chicken Recipe: Longgang Chicken and Qingyuan Chicken to Cook Boiled Chicken

Black Bean Chicken: Longgang Chicken or Qingyuan Chicken

As for the black bean chicken, Fang Xiaolan suggested that you can choose Longgang chicken or Qingyuan chicken. Longgang chicken is thicker and more suitable for making black soybean chicken.

Black Bean Chicken Recipe: Longgang Chicken and Qingyuan Chicken Cooked with Black Bean

Steamed Chicken: Recommended Camellia Chicken

If you want to eat steamed chicken, Chef Ma Rongde of Yuexuan of Liuguo Hotel recommends the more expensive Jiamei chicken. He pointed out that because Qingyuan chicken is too thin and has no oil, while Sanhuang chicken is fatter and should not be steamed.

Steamed chicken recipe: Jiamei chicken is the most suitable for steamed chicken. The chef teaches the way to steam tender chicken in 12 minutes

Soy Sauce Chicken: Longgang Chicken

Soy sauce chicken is very popular among adults and children. Chef Wu Yonghao recommends Longgang chicken because it is rich in subcutaneous fat and the finished product is the softest.

Soy Sauce Chicken Recipe: Longgang Chicken with Slippery Fat Under the Skin Chef Shares Soy Sauce Chicken Secrets

Salt Baked Chicken: Three Yellow Chicken

Salt-baked chicken is delicious. Executive Chef Li Wenji of Fujia Court recommends using three-yellow chicken. Three-yellow chicken has more oil and is suitable for frying and baking.

Salt-Baked Chicken Recipe: Three-yellow chicken with lots of oil Chef teaches how to make salt-baked chicken in electric oven

Supply Period: There Are Supply Throughout The Year.

Suggested Eating Method:
Steamed chicken: Steam the upper body for 15 minutes, steam it under the back, and do not open the lid after turning off, wait for 10 to 15 minutes. This approach is relatively slippery. It depends on the time of chicken big and small. Pay attention to whether the chicken spleen is blood. Chicken soaking (with chicken soup): The practice is more complicated, you can ask experienced friends.

Chicken oil, chicken soup and fat ointment do not lose good chicken flavor
For steamed chicken dishes, you might as well leave the chicken oil and fat ointment in the chicken, put it in the cricket with a high fire, use chicken oil to fried chicken. On that side, the chicken skin was more crispy and the chicken flavor was more fragrant.
As for the chicken oil and chicken soup when steamed chicken, the main dishes and noodles can be left. The ingredients of chicken oil can bring out the natural aroma. The chicken and the chicken oil raised in the local area are healthier than the ordinary market.

Roast chicken practice

Blow dry and burn more crispy
The skills of roast chicken are to ensure that the chicken skin is dry, and the cock of chicken is crispy.
Use maltose and white vinegar to adjust the sauce on the chicken skin, air dry or put in the refrigerator in the indoor, freeze it to the outer skin. Apply a little oil and honey during the burning period to increase the crispy and avoid drying.

This is an experienced kitchen master sharing:

How to soak chicken -Johnson Lee
Brush the chicken after washing, put down the ginger and green onions after the water is rolled (water can be soaked in chicken noodles)
Tie with the chicken wings, hang the chicken and rolling water for about 15 to 20 seconds, hang the water in the chicken belly, repeat three times, then put the chicken falling water, turn off the heat after rolling, the chicken is tender and smooth. minute
Soak them with 30 points, follow the chicken in ice water, and then cooled, cut the chicken to the dish. Bleak

🥗 Recipe (English Version):

Google Recipe 🔍 :
English CookPad 🍳 :
BBC Good Food 🥙 :

🔅Precautions (English Version):

There is indeed a reason for the older generation to love to buy live chickens. At least the chickens can only survive in the vegetable market, and their physique and quality will be guaranteed. However, due to the high price of live chickens, coupled with factors such as bird flu, the supply is very unstable;

If you have have no particular preference for live chicken over chilled chicken. I always feel that the nutrition and taste of chilled chicken can be preserved properly. Chicken rice in Singapore is an example. However, the production process of many chilled chickens in the industry is not up to standard. For example, the weak chickens that are about to die of illness are slaughtered early and chilled. After thinking about it, it is really disappointing... Plus, they are fed inferior feed (including unnatural egg yolks) Orange-red pigmented feed), hormone injections to speed up growth, and other behaviors that make chickens that are supposed to be extremely nutritious and protein-rich become unhealthy and should not be eaten. Cancer patients should be careful about eating.
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