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Local Flower Honey - Non -Organic / Natural Farm Organic / So Kwun Wat / Per 1 Bottle 500ml

Local Flower Honey - Non -Organic / Natural Farm Organic / So Kwun Wat / Per 1 Bottle 500ml

It is brewed from various Wildflower, and its taste is denser and more complex than that of pure flowers. Taste and color can vary greatly due to regional and seasonal differences, but the color is usually darker. With a little sour taste, it is very common but has the highest nutritional value.

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Natural Farm Organic

🚚 The Fastest Delivery Time : Send 2-3.
🐝 Supplier / Place Of Origin:Natural Farm Organic / So Kwun Wat

🌱 About the Producer:

Wendy's brother Andy runs an organic farm (Andy's Farm) in Tai Tai Tong Village, Mui Wo, Lantau Island. The products include: figs, watermelons, horn peppers, coffee, bananas, longans, lemons, dragon fruit, aloe vera, sweet potato sprouts, taro, cherries, Temporarily used as fallow, orange, paradise fruit (in transition), wolfberry (in transition), roselle (in transition), tomatoes, leafy vegetables, pumpkins, and zucchini.

My sister runs an organic vegetable stall in Tsing Yi Market. The products are sold at: Farm Direct Sales, San Seng Yuan (Tsing Yi Market), Tai Po Farmers Market and Gold Coast Farmers Market.

In addition, they supply fresh honey in So Kwun Wat. Their products have their own characteristics. They have been in business for many years and have won the support of the neighbors to this day.

🌱 Supplier Products:

🛍 Product Information:

Binomial Name:

Chinese Name:百花蜜 | 蜂蜜

Other Names:Wildflower Honey

Product Description:Baihua Nectar: ​​It has the characteristics of easy crystallization. It is sweet and sour with a naturally mixed aroma of flowers and herbs. It has a sour taste in layers. It is often used in Western desserts and dishes. Baihua Nectar is brewed by bees absorbing the essence of flowers. In response to changes in seasonal flower species and climate, the hundred-flower nectar purchased will have a different flavor each time, and this little surprise is hidden for you who love hundred-flower nectar!

Honey is a natural nutrient that contains vitamins C and B, as well as minerals such as iron, potassium, lead, and calcium. Its main nutrient is sugar that can burn energy in the human body. Because honey has the effects of sterilizing, detoxifying and moisturizing the intestines, it helps to discharge waste from the human body, burn excess fat, improve the metabolism of the whole body, and thereby achieve weight loss. Mix honey into rice and eat it, which is refreshing and healthy in summer. In addition, honey also has sterilizing, detoxifying, and intestinal moisturizing effects. It contains a variety of amino acids and can be directly absorbed by the intestinal wall. Therefore, it is often regarded as a precious health drink. Its special sweetness is also widely loved by the public. Brush a layer of honey on grilled ingredients to add bright color and smooth texture. However, if it is heated and eaten, although the flavor will not be affected, the nutrients will be slightly lost.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that honey is sweet and flat in nature and is effective in treating abdominal pain, dry cough, constipation, etc.


Supply Season:Available year round.

Normally, bees consume stored honey during the period from the end of fall to spring when few flowers are present. When the larvae hatch in early spring, honey reserves are at their lowest. From then on, the stock of honey begins to replenish as the flowers bloom. As the flowers dwindle in summer, so do the stocks of honey.

The process of human beekeeping to obtain honey (the specific time varies depending on the climate of each place)

From November to March, the beehives are kept indoors and kept at a temperature and light suitable for the bees to spend the winter.
Between April and May, the queen begins to lay eggs, and three weeks later, the worker bees begin their work. Each beehive requires about 20,000 to 30,000 worker bees.
Between May and June, the beehives are placed outdoors to collect honey. After the honeycomb boards are filled with honey, the activities of the bees are controlled through smoke. The honeycomb boards are removed and used in a centrifugal separator to obtain the honey.
June to November is the rest period, and the honey collected by the bees is used by themselves.

Storage Method:Maillard reaction

Like all sugar compounds, honey will caramelize, darken in color, and eventually burn if heated sufficiently. However, honey contains fructose, which caramelizes at a lower temperature than glucose. The temperature at which caramelization begins varies depending on the ingredients, but is usually between 70 and 110 °C (158 and 230 °F). Honey also contains acid, which acts as a catalyst for caramelization. The specific type of acid and its content play a major role in determining the exact temperature. [58] Among these acids, amino acids are present in very small amounts but play an important role in the blackening process of honey. During the Maillard reaction, amino acids form dark compounds called melanoidins. The Maillard reaction occurs slowly at room temperature, taking several to several months to show visible darkening, but accelerates dramatically as temperature increases. However, the reaction can also be slowed down by storing honey at lower temperatures.

Commercially available honey has been concentrated or naturally capped and matured, and the moisture content can be less than 20%. Bacteria and yeast cannot survive in honey, so honey does not need to be stored in the refrigerator. Some anaerobic bacteria (such as meat) Toxin bacilli) can exist in the form of inactive spores. Because the digestive organs such as the stomach and intestines of infants are too immature and the secretion of gastric acid is poor, infants under one year old should not eat unsterilized honey. Spores in honey do not reproduce and produce toxins. Under normal circumstances, there is no danger of anaerobic bacteria in honey multiplying in the human body. Honey that has not been capped and matured and has not been concentrated has a high moisture content and will quickly ferment and deteriorate at room temperature, so it still needs to be stored in the refrigerator at low temperature.

During the process of making honey, bees will fan themselves by flapping their wings and clinging to each other to increase the temperature in the hive and evaporate the water in the honey. Therefore, the water content of honey is usually less than 20%.

After honey is made, when the ambient temperature is lower than 13 degrees, the glucose will crystallize, turning the pollen and bubbles of honey into crystal nuclei to form solid crystals.

Some honey crystallizes and some doesn't? Two major factors in honey crystallization

Honey crystallization needs to meet two conditions:

1. The ambient temperature is lower than 13 degrees

Therefore, honey is more likely to crystallize when stored in the refrigerator. In addition, taking Taiwan as an example, because the temperature in the north is lower in winter, crystallization is more likely to occur than in the south.

2. The higher the glucose content, the easier it is to crystallize

Honeys from different sources have different glucose contents; lychee honey, Xianfeng grass honey, and flower honey have higher glucose contents, while longan honey, which is more common in Taiwan, has lower glucose contents.

If artificial fructose is added to honey (not pure honey), it will be less likely to crystallize.

Original URL: Honey trivia|Explanation: Will honey crystallize? Is it edible? 5 tips to distinguish between real and fake honey | Hong Kong 01 https://www.hk01.com/article/909194?utm_source=01articlecopy&utm_medium=referral

#Should Be / Avoided:

In medicine, it can be used to treat coughs. As a topical medicine, honey can promote wound healing and treat ulcers. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is often made into honey pills with powdered Chinese medicinal materials, which is called honey pills. Stir-fried and dried honey can be used as a suppository to treat constipation; oral administration has the effect of moisturizing and laxative, but it can also alleviate the laxative power of laxatives (rhubarb, thenardite).

Medical use and research

Wounds and burns
Honey is a folk remedy for burns and other skin injuries. Preliminary evidence suggests that it helps heal some deep burns 4-5 days faster than other dressings, and there is evidence that post-operative infections treated with honey heal faster and have fewer adverse events than antimicrobials and gauze. The evidence for the use of honey in various other wound treatments is of low quality and does not allow firm conclusions to be drawn. Evidence does not support the use of honey products to treat venous stasis ulcers or ingrown toenails. Several medical-grade honey products are FDA-approved for treating minor injuries and burns.

Honey has long been used as a topical antibiotic by traditional medicine and herbalists. The antibacterial effects of honey were first demonstrated in 1892 by Dutch scientist Bernardus Adrianus van Ketel. Since then, numerous studies have shown that honey has broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity against Gram-positive bacteria and Gram-positive bacteria. -negative bacteria, although potency varies greatly between honeys. Due to the proliferation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria over the past few decades, there has been a renewed interest in studying the antimicrobial properties of honey. Honey ingredients that are being studied initially for potential antibiotic use include methylglyoxal, hydrogen peroxide, and kingactin (also known as defensin-1).

For chronic and acute coughs, a Cochrane review found there was no strong evidence for or against the use of honey. For treatments in children, the systematic review concluded that there was moderate to low evidence that honey helps relieve cough more than no treatment, diphenhydramine, and placebo. Honey does not appear to be any better than dextromethorphan at relieving coughs in children. Other reviews support the use of honey to treat children.

The UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency recommends avoiding over-the-counter cough and common cold medicines for children under six and suggests "homemade remedies containing honey and lemon may be equally useful and safer", but warns that honey should not be fed to babies , because of the risk of infant botulism. The World Health Organization recommends honey as a treatment for coughs and sore throats, including in children, noting that there is no reason to believe it is less effective than commercial medications.


The use of honey is recommended as a temporary intervention for known or suspected tie battery ingestion to reduce the risk and severity of injury to the esophagus from the battery prior to removal.

There is no evidence that honey is beneficial in treating cancer, although honey may help manage the side effects of radiation therapy or chemotherapy used to treat cancer.

Most of the calories in honey come from fructose. Fructose causes significant weight gain when consumed outside of the normal diet, but has no effect on body weight when it displaces other carbohydrates of equal energy value.

Honey has a mild laxative effect and helps relieve constipation and bloating.

*Edible Compatibility:
Myth: Honey is natural, can you eat more of it?

Some people believe that natural sugars such as honey, sucrose and brown sugar are healthier than processed sugar. In fact, compared with ordinary food, these sugars do not contain many micronutrients, and most of them are still "sugar". Honey provides sugar and fragrance, which not only makes people feel happy, but also stimulates the brain to want to take in more sugar, increasing the risk of tooth decay, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and other diseases.

According to Taiwan's "National Dietary Indicators" recommendations, the daily intake of added sugars should not exceed 10% of total calories, but does not include sugars naturally present in food, such as milk and fruits. The so-called added sugar refers to the additional sugar added when manufacturing or preparing food and beverages, including brown sugar, sucrose, icing sugar, granulated sugar, white sugar, honey, maple syrup, etc.


Infants under 1 year old, patients with diabetes, and patients with liver cirrhosis should not consume honey. In addition, honey is easily contaminated by botulinum toxin. Meat products seasoned with honey should not be vacuum packed before complete sterilization to avoid the growth of botulinum toxin.

Vegans also avoid honey and replace it with maple syrup because they believe honey is obtained through the abuse of bees.

Cooking Skills:Honey cooking skills

Notes:People with weakened immune systems may be at risk of bacterial or fungal infections from consuming honey.

How to eat honey crystals?

1. Reduction by heating with warm water: Use warm water at 40-50 degrees Celsius to gradually restore the crystallized honey to liquid; it should be noted that if the water temperature exceeds 50 degrees, the enzyme activity of the honey may be destroyed.
2. Apply directly as jam: Crystallized honey has a thick and creamy texture and is suitable for spreading on toast, bread or biscuits as jam.
3. Add to warm drinks and room temperature water: Use honey instead of sugar, add it to warm tea and coffee, or add room temperature water to make honey water.

Honey has diverse origins and rich honey varieties. In addition to the common longan honey and lychee honey, there are also Wendan honey, red light honey, melaleuca honey, etc. However, CNS1305 only sets standards for the "longan honey" preferred by the market, and other honeys are classified into the "honey" category. Jiang Huanbin believes: "Some special honey sources simply cannot meet the standards of longan honey and honey." Honey from different honey sources also has different natural variables. Such national standards may restrict the development of the niche honey industry.

honey use

In Islam, an entire chapter of the Holy Quran (Quran) is called an-Nahl (the bee). According to his teachings (hadith), Muhammad highly recommended honey for healing purposes. The Quran promotes honey as a nutritious and healthy food and says:

Your Lord taught the bees to build their nests in the mountains, in the trees, and in (human) dwellings; then to eat of all the produce of (the earth), and to skillfully find the broad paths of their Lord: from their bodies came drinks of different colors, in which Healing effect on people: This is indeed a sign to those who give thought.

In Hinduism, honey (Madhu) is one of the five elixirs of life (Panchamrita). In temples, honey is poured on the deity in a ritual called Madhu abhishek. The Vedas and other ancient texts mention honey as a great medicinal and health food.

Mead (English: Mead) is a wine made from honey. It is made by diluting honey with water and fermenting it to produce alcohol. Honey contains extremely high sugar content, and the extremely high osmotic pressure makes it difficult for microorganisms to reproduce. After diluting honey with water, the concentration of sugar decreases, allowing yeast to multiply under appropriate osmotic pressure and start fermentation. Even just diluting honey with water allows the dormant natural yeast in the honey to multiply and ferment. But adding yeast artificially can reduce the chance of failure.

Honey does not produce toxins when heated, so it can be used in baking and hot drinks. However, high temperatures will destroy most of the nutrients, so it is generally not recommended to eat it this way.
The simplest way is to make a drink with ice water or room temperature water, and it is also often spread directly on bread or scones.
It is sometimes used as a condiment in drinks such as coffee or black tea instead of sugar. Fructose, one of the main components of honey, does not easily feel sweet at high temperatures, so be careful not to overdo it when adding honey to hot drinks.
Adding honey during barbecue will enhance the sweetness and color.

🔸 Supplementary Information:


Hundreds of nectar is the essence of the bees in the hundred flowers, and the essence of Hui Baihua is a collection of hundreds of flowers. The fragrance of floral fragrance, rich nutrition, the clearing of heat, supplementation, detoxification, moisturizing, and convergence of honey are the variety of traditional honey. The honey color is deep, and it is a mixed honey made of a variety of nectar. It has a strong taste and sweet taste. It has the aroma of mellow natural honey flowers and has a lot of nutrients. Therefore, it has a variety of functions of metabolism, immunity, health, promoting blood circulation, protecting blood circulation, preservation of liver, anti -inflammatory, analgesia, and prolonging life. Frequent consumption can improve immunity. Children's anemia. It is also an excellent honey for women. In addition to balanced hormones and endocrine systems, and prevent hormones, the essence of Baihua can also moisturize, clean skin, whiten, and maintain youth. It is a beauty honey in the women's world. In addition, the probiotics in the honey are also more than other honey, and the adjustment of intestinal health and digestive systems is also better than other honey.

Pre -order once a week. The supply depends on the delivery situation, or it will be shipped separately.

👩🏻‍🍳 Suggested Serving:

Honey is a little sweeter than other honey, so water flushing will be better. You can drink a glass of empty stomach on an empty stomach every day and drink a glass after dinner. It is enough twice a day. If the effect of honey is fully played, be sure to eat a course of treatment. A course of treatment is 7 days, that is, it is necessary to take 7 days in a row. After the honey effect is played, it can be stopped. It is also at least 7 days. Of course, if you can eat honey every day, it must be the best protection for your body and make honey play a whole role in your body.

Honey can also be taken in water, but remember not to use too hot water temperature (not more than 65 degrees). We can also use warm water, frozen water (room temperature water), ice water flushing water, and water can be flushed. Storage in the refrigerator, just drink it within three or four days. If it is stored in room temperature, it will take a day to drink. The amount of honey punching will vary from person to person. Generally, a cup of 300ml of water will use about 5 teaspoons. If you don't think you feel sweet enough, add an extra tea; if you are too sweet, you need to reduce a teaspoon. Proper amount.

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