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🇫🇷 Fennel - Organic / A LA CARTE / France / Per 1 Portion 500g

🇫🇷 Fennel - Organic / A LA CARTE / France / Per 1 Portion 500g

Fennel is commonly used to treat digestive problems such as: heartburn, flatulence, bloating, loss of appetite, colic in infants, and some women even use fennel to promote breast milk secretion, improve menstruation, relieve pain during childbirth, and increase libido;

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🚚 The Fastest Delivery Time : 2-day delivery.
🐝 Supplier / Place Of Origin:Imported Vegetable And Fruit Series / France
🔖 Certification: Organic European

🌱 About the Producer / Supplier:

We select our suppliers for the love they put in their products,
seeking the best quality while respecting traditional production methods.

Most of them are family owned, of human size. We value the direct collaboration with them.

By buying directly at the source, we are proud to contribute to the local economy,
while ensuring that, ultimately, our clients get the most tasty and fresh products at the best prices.

All our farmers follow specific certifications minimizing the use of chemicals. From sustainable agriculture ‘’Agriculture Raisonnee’’ (AR) to Organic certified ‘’Agriculture Biologique’’ (AB), these guarantees that the fruits delivered to you a safe and healthy.

🌱 Supplier Products:

🛍 Product Information:

Binomial Name:Foeniculum vulgare

Chinese Name:茴香

Other Names:Fennel

Product Description:Fennel, a vegetable with an aniseed flavour.

The fruit of the Fennel plant of the Umbelliferae family. The parts used are leaves, flowers, stems, roots, fruits and seeds. Aromatic, sweet, slightly pungent, warm in nature, it has the functions of regulating Qi and relieving pain, warming the middle and dispelling cold, warming the liver and strengthening the spleen. Kidney and other effects. Fennel leaves and seeds have the effect of promoting digestion, and can cure headache, toothache, indigestion, abdominal distension, vomiting, testicular tuberculosis, gastrointestinal cramps and other diseases.

Fennel is commonly used to treat digestive problems such as: heartburn, flatulence, bloating, loss of appetite, colic in infants, and others such as: upper respiratory tract infection, cough, bronchitis, cholera, back pain, bedwetting , visual problems and other symptoms; some women even use fennel to promote breast milk secretion, improve menstruation, relieve pain during childbirth, and increase libido; traditionally, fennel powder is used as a plaster to treat snake bites.

Native to the Mediterranean region of Europe, it is also cultivated all over China, mainly in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Liaoning and other places. Shanxi Province has the most output, and Inner Mongolia has the best quality.

Variety:There are several classifications of fennel:
(1) Green fennel: It is a tall and imposing plant with tangled pinnately clumps of leaves.
(2) Bronze fennel: Its vitality is not as strong as green fennel, and its fragrance and flavor are relatively weak. There are sweet fennel, bitter fennel, Florence fennel and so on.
Three types
1)F. peperttum (carosella), wild subspecies of southern Italy and Sicily: for meat, fish.
2) Sweet Fennel F.vulgare: 13 times sweeter than table sugar, with a sweet smell of anise.
3) A special variety of sweet fennel - bulb fennel F. azoricum: can be eaten as an aromatic vegetable.

Not to be confused with star anise, Illicium verum, or with Japanese star anise, Illicium anisatum.

Supply Season:Supply period: From June to November, Hong Kong has supply throughout the year.

Storage Method:How to store fennel

Fennel softens quickly, so don't wait too long if you want to enjoy it in a salad. Bulbs without stems and leaves can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.

It's best to store it in an airtight box to avoid its strong aroma affecting other items in the refrigerator.

Don’t throw away the stems and leaves! Dry them and add fennel to the soup.

If wrapped in a plastic bag and stored in the refrigerator, it can be kept for two to three days. If stored in a sealed jar, the shelf life can be extended to six months. The seeds can be removed for further processing, and fennel can be dried and ground into powder.

#Should Be / Avoided:
Fennel has many health benefits. When eaten raw, it is a source of potassium and rich in folate. When cooked, it is a source of copper and folate.

Suitable for: People with small intestinal hernia, cold abdominal pain, loss of appetite, unpalatable food, cold stomach, nausea and vomiting, pregnant women with postpartum lactation deficiency, and women with cold pain in the lower abdomen during menstruation can also eat it; avoid:
Children, pregnant women, and people with paralysis should avoid using it. People with yin deficiency and excessive fire should not consume it and should not consume large amounts.

*Edible Compatibility:
Fennel is often a popular ingredient in salads and pasta dishes. It also makes a great seasoning for fish and chicken, as well as sausages.

Xiangyi: No literature report. Competitive: chicken.

Cooking Skills:cooking suggestions
Fennel can be eaten with fish or seafood, as well as with white meat. The bulbs can be cooked whole or sliced, roasted in the oven or marinated in oil. Because of its firm texture, fennel can be used in many different dishes.

Some original ideas:

Eat raw: cut into sticks and serve as an aperitif: very crispy and delicious; or slice into thin slices and add to mixed salads.

Cooked: fennel diced into 2mm dice and cooked for a few minutes in a little olive oil adds flavor to pasta or risotto. Fennel, sliced ​​and browned in a pan, is a great accompaniment to white meat or grilled meats. Prince of Brittany fennel is full of flavor: its crunchy texture and light anise flavor will please everyone. A very simple recipe: Fennel Pasta! Place your pasta on top and cook. Meanwhile, cut the fennel into cubes or sticks. Sauté them in a little olive oil. Mix the two before serving.

How to Prepare Fennel

Fennel is easy to prepare. Just remove the outer leaves. The fennel from Prince of Brittany is very meaty and even the heart is tender.

First, shorten the stems to retain the freshest parts, then peel off any damaged parts of the bulbs. It can then be prepared as desired, quartered, diced or sliced ​​to suit your recipe.

Instant Recipe: Fennel Carpaccio

Wash the fennel bulbs and slice them as finely as possible (a mandolin works great!).
Season with lemon juice or sherry vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper or Espelette pepper.
Eat immediately.

How to cook fennel

Depending on your recipe, fennel can be cooked in different ways:

10 minutes
Put in the pot and fry until cooked

10 to 15 minutes

45 minutes
in the oven

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Try cooking fennel in two stages: parboil it in a steamer, then roast it in the oven, drizzled with a little oil.

Fennel goes well with fish rich in oil and can remove the fishy smell. Fennel can also remove the odor from meat. Fennel seeds are used in breads, pickles and soups. Fennel goes well with fatty fish. Suitable food types include beans, fish and seafood, pork, potatoes and tomatoes. Suitable herbs include cinnamon, Sichuan peppercorns, thyme, mint, etc. Pick the young stems of fennel and serve with lettuce salad. Fennel seeds can be added to curries, sauces, and fish dishes. In addition to being used as a seasoning, fennel also has antiseptic properties.

Notes:Chef Tips
Use the leaves as a condiment! The chopped leaves are a valuable seasoning. The dried leaves added to cooking juices impart anise flavor to fish and shellfish.

In terms of English, Cumin, Fennel, Anise or Star Anise can be clearly distinguished. The problem lies in the transliteration of these English names. In addition to being translated into Chinese, there are also traditional Chinese medicines in our culture. In this field, coupled with the different channels for everyone to purchase spices, it is easy for one spice to have different types of spices.

Anise, anise or fennel seeds in Chinese medicine shops all refer to star anise, which is called Star Anise in English, while fennel or fennel refers to sweet fennel seed.
In China, fennel generally refers to fennel seeds, which are mostly used to prepare five-spice powder and as a traditional Chinese medicine. Fennel flowers, young leaves, leaf stems, pollen and seeds can be used. Eating too much fennel seeds can cause poisoning. If the fennel stems and leaves are used as fillings, they should be blanched in boiling water before use.
If allergic reaction or contact dermatitis occurs, discontinue use of fennel immediately and treat with antihistamine or other appropriate treatment. Compared with the regulations for pharmaceuticals, the regulations for herbal medicines are less stringent and more research is needed to prove their safety. Before using, make sure the benefits outweigh the risks and consult an herbalist or physician for more information.

Fennel is also not suitable for use during breastfeeding. According to reports, a mother drank herbal tea containing fennel while breastfeeding, resulting in neurological damage to two young children. Do not give fennel essential oil to infants and young children, and do not use fennel if you:
- Allergy to fennel
- Abnormal coagulation function
- Hormone sensitive conditions (e.g. breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, uterine fibroids)

Grilled salmon, fennel consomme, pepper and fennel carp soup, aperitifs, etc.

The bulbs, leaves, and fruits of the fennel plant are used in many culinary traditions around the world. The florets of wild fennel (called fennel "pollen") are the most potent form of fennel, but also the most expensive. Dried fennel fruit is an aromatic anise-flavored spice that is brown or green when fresh and slowly turns dark gray as the fruit ages. For cooking, green fruits are the best choice. The leaves are delicious and similar in shape to dill. The bulb is a crunchy vegetable that can be sautéed, stewed, blanched, roasted or eaten raw. The young leaves can be used to garnish, add flavor to salads, flavor puddings, soups and fish sauces. Both the enlarged leaf base and young shoots can be eaten like celery.

It is a flavorful herb used in cooking and, along with the similar-tasting anise, is one of the main ingredients in absinthe.

Absinthe is an anise-flavored spirit made from a variety of plants, including the flowers and leaves of mugwort, as well as green anise, sweet anise, and other medicinal and culinary herbs. Historically described as highly alcoholic spirits, with an alcohol content of 45-74% or 90-148 proof in the United States. Absinthe traditionally appears naturally green, but may also be colorless. In historical documents it is often referred to as la fée verte. It is sometimes incorrectly called a liqueur, but is traditionally bottled without added sugar and is therefore classified as a spirit, usually diluted with water before drinking.

Fennel fruit is sometimes confused with anise fruit, which has a similar flavor and appearance but is smaller. Fennel is also a flavoring in some natural toothpastes. The fruit is used in cooking and desserts.

Many cultures in India, Afghanistan, Iran, and the Middle East use fennel fruit in cooking. In Iraq, fennel seeds are used as an ingredient in nigella-flavored bread.

It is one of the most important spices in Kashmiri cuisine and Gujarati cooking. Kashmiri cuisine is the cuisine of the Kashmir valley in the Indian Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmiris have developed the art of cooking to a very sophisticated level and developed a cuisine that is completely different from anywhere else in the world. When Mughal Emperor Jahangir was asked about his dying wish, he replied: "Only Kashmir," referring not only to Kashmir's ecology but also to its comfort food.

Kashmiri Food

Gujarati cuisine is the cuisine of the Indian state of Gujarat. A typical Gujarati thali consists of rotli, dal or curry, rice and shaak. Thali also includes products made from pulses or whole beans like moong dal, black-eyed peas, etc., snacks (farsaan) like dhokla, pathra, samosa, fafda, etc., and sweets (mishthaan) like mohanthal, jalebi, dal De Park et al.

In Indian cuisine, whole fennel seeds and fennel powder are used as spices in a variety of sweet and savory dishes. It is an important ingredient in the Assamese/Bengali/Odia spice blend panch phoron and Chinese five-spice powder. In many parts of India, roasted fennel fruits are eaten as mukhwas, an after-meal digestive and breath freshener (saunf), or as preserves. Fennel seeds are also often used as an ingredient in paan, the most popular breath freshener in India.

Panch phoron, panch phodan or pancha phutana is a complete spice blend originating from the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent and used in the cuisine of eastern and northeastern India, especially Bhojpur, Mithila, Orissa, A Food of Sam, Bengal and Nepal. The name literally means "five spices."

In some parts of India, fennel fronds are used as a leafy green vegetable, either alone or mixed with other vegetables and cooked as part of a meal.

In Syria and Lebanon, the young leaves are used to make a special omelet (along with onions and flour) called ijjeh.

Eggah is an egg-based dish in Arabic cuisine, similar to a frittata. It is also known as Arabic omelette. Eggah is usually flavored with spices such as cinnamon, cumin, coriander seeds or leaves, turmeric, raisins, pine nuts, nutmeg, and fresh herbs. It is usually thick, usually filled with vegetables and sometimes meat, and cooked until completely al dente. It's usually round, cut into rectangles or wedges, and is sometimes served hot, sometimes cold. Eggah can be served as an appetizer, main dish

Fresh or dried fennel fronds are used in many egg, fish and other dishes. Florentine fennel is a key ingredient in some Italian salads and can also be stewed and served as a warming side dish. It can be blanched or pickled, or cooked in risotto.

Fennel fruit is the main flavor component of Italian sausage. In Spain, the stems of the fennel plant are used to make pickled eggplant berenjenas de Almagro. Fennel can also be made into herbal tea or herbal medicine.

Italian sausage usually refers to a type of pork sausage. Sausages are often known for having fennel or anise as the main flavoring. In Italy, however, a wide variety of sausages are produced, many of which are very different from the products mentioned above.

Due to its aromatic properties, fennel fruit is one of the components of the famous compound licorice powder. In the Indian subcontinent, fennel fruit is eaten raw, sometimes with sweetener added.

In Israel, fennel salad is made from chopped fennel bulbs and seasoned with salt, black pepper, lemon juice, parsley, olive oil, and sometimes sumac.

Savory cheese pie

Grenade and Feta Carpaccio

Fennel Summer Salad, Sesame and Fennel Salad

Vanilla Pancakes and Waffles

Fennel Tart

🔸 Supplementary Information:
Fennel is a herbaceous plant, native to Southern Europe, and is used by ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans as food and drugs. Emperor Charlien asked all the royal farms to grow this plant. It consists of three parts, each of which has its unique value: leaves, stems, and ball stems. The bottom looks a bit like celery, because it is the bottom of all stems gathered together, showing white and light green.

Fennel is rich in vitamin C and B6. It is famous for its softening skin and anti -aging characteristics, and is also known for its positive effect on preventing hypertension. In the end, fennel contains dietary fiber, which can limit bad cholesterol and absorb water in the digestive system.

Food match: Bake with spices or mix with tomatoes, carrots, peppers or onions.

This product is imported from foreign countries. The supply depends on the delivery situation. It may be insufficient or out of stock!

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