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Welcome to HGF, our produce for the next week will be updated at Friday 5pm.

Restaurant delivery is every Tue, Thu Sat & Sun and lead time is 2 days.


Hong Kong Zhanxiang Farm

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The local brand "Zhanxiang Hecheng"'s product "Hecheng" (Wo Orange) is sweet and delicious. The brand has always promoted the concept of organic and sustainable farming.

In order to preserve the freshest and original flavor of Hecheng, all harvests are not refrigerated and are sent directly from the place of origin to Hong Kong. "Wo Orange" has not been waxed and no herbicides have been used. The orange peel will have flower marks left by grass when it bears fruit. The "Wo Orange" sold in Hong Kong is shipped directly to Hong Kong through the orchards, and is directly packed into boxes after inspection at the factory.

Each "Wo Orange" has a sticker and independent packaging. If you pretend to pick up the goods directly from the supplier without packaging, it is not "Wo Orange".

In August 2010, Hong Kong businessman Mr. Li Tao Tak founded Chenzhou Zhanxiang Green Agriculture Co., Ltd. with an investment of 256.5 million. It passed organic certification in 2020.