Four seasons in one year 🌱🍀🍂🍁

However, in reality, local agriculture is available in Hong Kong.

Okinawa's bitter melons are still alive and well in October.
Winter crops are suitable for low temperature and low temperature.

🧑🏾‍🌾 The so-called untimely food, the east and west need the right season, the farmer needs to plant seeds, the weather is right, and the natural fruit is inevitably compared with fresh Japanese taste 🤤



~ Farmula Organic, Kam Tin


雖說一年有四季 🌱🍀🍂🍁

但實際上,對於本地農業,香港可說是沒有冬天 😮‍💨


🧑🏾‍🌾 所謂不時不食,吃東西要應時令按季節,農夫種植要應天氣,當造的蔬果必然比較新鮮和味美 🤤


~ 住家菜有機農場