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🇹🇼 Taiwan Mountain Yam - Organic / Lyfegreen / Taiwan / Per 2-3pcs 600g (*Approx.)

🇹🇼 Taiwan Mountain Yam - Organic / Lyfegreen / Taiwan / Per 2-3pcs 600g (*Approx.)

A special variety of mini taros that are tender and full of flavor.

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🚚 The Fastest Delivery Time : Air Transport Once A Week. Drive Every Saturday.
🐝 Supplier / Place Of Origin:Lyfegreen / Taiwan
🔖 Certification: Taiwan Organic Certification

🌱 Producer Introduction:


Lyfetribe builds a health and wellness platform, Lyfegreen was founded as a joint collaboration between Lyfetribe and Fushan Grange, taiwan’s leading social enterprise for organic agriculture and sustainable producers.

Today, Lyfegreen supports and works with a network of more than 100 carefully curated organic farms and sustainable producers across taiwan, showcasing an array of over 200 varieties of fruits and veggies throughout the year.

Our mission: fresh, high-quality and diversified are the core of our work. In addition, we don't want to only sell fruits and vegetables. We want to help you discover a new healthy food concept and contribute to a more sustainable world.

There are also airline shipping every week to hong kong and ship directly after arriving at hong kong, so the fruits and vegetables are 100%fresh.

🌱 Supplier Products:

🛍 Product Information (Main) (English):

Binomial Name:Dioscorea batatas Decne.

Chinese Name:淮山 | 山藥

Other Names:Chinese Yam

Product Description:A vigorous and adaptable perennial tangled herbaceous vine. Sweet in taste, flat in nature, return to the spleen, lung and kidney meridians, benefit qi and nourish yin, invigorate the spleen, lung and kidney, and strengthen the essence and stop the belt. The edible part of yam is its underground tuber, which comes in different shapes and weights depending on the variety. Yam contains a variety of essential amino acids, which can not only promote the growth and repair functions of the human body, but also the main source of protein for vegetarians.

Native to China, Korea and Japan. Currently distributed in tropical and subtropical regions. Overseas, they are mainly distributed in North Korea, Japan and India. Domestically, it is widely distributed, with Henan, Hunan and Guizhou producing more.

Variety:According to the place of origin, they can be classified as: (1) Big potato (also known as field potato, the most common variety, now widely distributed in Southeast Asia, Africa, Central and South America and Europe) (2) Long potato (also known as home yam, more cold-resistant, original mainland)
(3) Yam (also known as Japanese yam, native to Japan, now distributed in Southeast Asia) (5) Hengchun Yam (also known as halberd field potato, native to Hengchun Peninsula and Pingtung area of ​​Taiwan) (4)
Tiaoyao (also known as purple field potato, now distributed in central Taiwan) can also be classified as fleshy tubers with white meat and red meat.

Supply Season:Excavation is generally carried out from October to February, more often in November and December. Yams harvested at other times are less potent. Available all year round in Hong Kong.

Storage Method:Try to store in the most natural state, in a dry and ventilated place, should not be pre-cut or stored in the refrigerator, should be washed before consumption to keep fresh. Medicinal yam will be cut off the root head and the outer skin scraped after harvesting, and stored by sun-drying or drying. Once the yam is used, the remainder must be used within three days.

#Should Be / Avoided:
Appropriate: Diarrhea due to spleen deficiency, dyspnea due to deficiency, excessive phlegm, and frequent urination. Contraindications: It should not be used by cold patients, those with gastrointestinal stagnation, those with dry stools, and those with excess pathogenic factors.

Pregnant women can eat yam

Nature: neutral
Five Flavors in TCM: sweet
Efficacy Strengthen the spleen and replenish deficiency, nourish yin and moisten the lungs, nourish the kidneys and bones, prolong life

Chinese yam is rich in various nutrients, which can strengthen the body and also nourish the kidneys and essence. Generally, it can be taken for kidney deficiency, nocturnal emission, excessive leucorrhea and frequent urination in women. During pregnancy, mothers-to-be often experience frequent urination. At this time, choosing to eat some Chinese yam can effectively alleviate this phenomenon. In addition, the protein content of yam is extremely high, and it can also replenish qi and strengthen the spleen. Pregnant women can eat it with confidence, and it is naturally helpful to the fetus. Yam is also rich in carbohydrates, which can balance blood sugar, protect the liver and detoxify.

Pregnant women eat Chinese yam to have a certain slimming effect. Chinese yam contains a lot of starch and vitamins. Although it will cause pregnant women to feel full, it will not lack nutrients. In addition, pregnant women eating yam can promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent and relieve constipation, and can also help gastrointestinal digestion and absorption. All in all, Pregnant women can eat yam. It is worth noting that people with heavy body moisture, colds, dry stools and gastrointestinal stagnation should not use yam.

*Edible Compatibility:
Appropriate: It can be used together with pig pancreas to strengthen the effect of treating diabetes. Used together with lean pork can increase the absorption capacity of calcium. Compatibility: It should not be taken together with Kansui or alkaline drugs.

In order to prevent the yam from losing nutrients and losing its nourishing effect, slice the yam and soak it in salt water immediately to prevent oxidation and blackening. Huaishan has certain toxins and cannot be eaten raw, nor can it be taken together with kansui and alkaline drugs to avoid poisoning.

Chinese yam cannot be eaten with rapeseed, because Chinese yam nourishes qi, while rapeseed destroys qi, so eating together will reduce the therapeutic effect. Can not be eaten with bananas, it will cause abdominal pain. Do not eat with persimmon, as it will cause bloating, abdominal pain and vomiting. It cannot be eaten with pork liver. Chinese yam is rich in vitamin C. Pork liver contains copper, iron, zinc and other metal trace elements. When vitamin C encounters metal ions, it will be oxidized and destroyed at an accelerated rate, reducing the nutritional value. Therefore, after eating pork liver, it is not suitable Eat yam.

Cooking Skills:Because the meat of yam itself is tender and sweet, it is a good choice to eat raw, but it should be noted that yam has different therapeutic effects when eaten raw and cooked. Frozen yams are only suitable for stewing or juicing. When cooking yams, the outer skin is generally peeled off, washed with water, and then cut into flakes or ground into a puree. Grinding the yam into a puree can avoid destroying the enzymes contained in it. The peeled yam should be used as soon as possible, otherwise it should be soaked in salt water or vinegar water to prevent the pulp from turning gray-black due to oxidation. After peeling, wash off the mucus with water, and it is suitable for frying and stewing.

Huaishan should be peeled and eaten to avoid abnormal taste such as numbness and thorns. Wash your hands several times immediately after peeling the yam to avoid skin allergies.

Peel and slice fresh yam, boil in boiling water for about half-cooked, cut off the roots of various mushrooms, wash, slice Pleurotus eryngii, cut fresh mushrooms in half, white jade mushrooms do not need to be cut. Heat oil in a pan, saute minced garlic until fragrant, add fresh Chinese yam and assorted mushrooms and stir-fry until well-distributed, then add concentrated chicken juice and stir-fry well. Serve.

Notes:Dried yam is the "Yam" of traditional Chinese medicine. Huaishan has a wide range of curative effects and occupies an important position in traditional Chinese medicine. Eating raw yam has the function of nourishing yin and promoting body fluid, and fried yam has the function of invigorating the spleen and stopping diarrhea.
The viscosity of yam determines its quality, and the higher the viscosity, the more effective it is. Because stickiness is conducive to the application of protein in the body, it can also enhance the body's absorption of nutrients in food. Some people may resist the taste of yam juice, it is recommended to add some honey or milk for seasoning.
Yam was called "yam" in ancient times. Because it has the same pronunciation as the name of the ancient monarch, the name was changed.

Dish:Fried pork slices with yam, yam pork ribs soup, yam and wolfberry cake.

Suggested Eating Method:
Because the yam itself is delicate and sweet, eating raw is a good choice, but it is important to pay attention to different therapy when yam is raw and cooked. The yam hidden in the snow is only suitable for stewing or juice. Cooking yam is generally cut off the skin first, washed with water, and then cut into pieces or grind into mud. Elimizing yam into mud can avoid destroying the enzymes contained. The peeled yam should be used as soon as possible, otherwise it should be immersed in saline or vinegar water to prevent the flesh from becoming gray -black due to oxidation. After peeling, wash off the mucus with water, stir -fry and stewed soup.
Huai Mountain should be peeled to avoid abnormal taste such as hemp and thorns. After cutting the Huaishan, wash your hands a few more times to avoid skin allergies.
Fresh Huaishan peeled slices, cook with boiling water for about half cooked, cut into the root of various mushroom bacteria, wash, Pleurotus eryngii mushrooms, fresh mushrooms cut half, white jade mushrooms do not need to cut. Put the oil in the hot pot, stir -fry the garlic, add fresh Huaishan and Miscellaneous bacteria, and fry until evenly. Add the concentrated chicken juice and stir well.

🥗 Recipe (English Version):

Google Recipe 🔍 :
English CookPad 🍳 :
BBC Good Food 🥙 :

🔅Precautions (English Version):

☘️ Preserve vegetables

1. Leafy vegetables and softer vegetables, if packaged, should be placed in the cold box in the original package;
2. Organic Vegetables are more prone to spoilage if they have water droplets. Put the vegetables in a ventilated place to dry or wipe off the water vapor, then wrap the vegetables in slightly damp newspaper and put them in a plastic bag before refrigerating. ;
3. Organic vegetables do not use preservatives or special treatments. Vegetables are generally stored for three to five days. Some vegetables will decompose enzymes, so they should be eaten as soon as possible.

☘️ How to wash vegetables

1. Wash vegetables before cooking to keep them fresh;
2. It is not advisable to soak the vegetables for too long, and they should be washed first and then cut to avoid the loss of vitamins;
3. Washing vegetables with dilute salt water or Dish Drop can easily remove vegetable insects;
4. Cut vegetables with a stainless steel knife to reduce vitamin loss;
5. Vegetable leaves contain a lot of nutrients, so you should avoid shredding, chopping or grinding the leaves;
6. Immediately after cutting, to avoid the loss of vitamins due to air oxidation.
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