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Restaurant delivery is every Tue, Thu Sat & Sun and lead time is 2 days.

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Regenerative Farm Stories

Regenerative Farm Stories

We know that a big part of improving consumer knowledge is in the story-telling.
Supported by Zero Foodprint Asia, a global non-profit working to raise funds to scale regenerative agriculture in the region; Regenerative agriculture's primary focus is on improving soil health, increasing biodiversity, and supporting farmers to produce more nutritious crops; all the while helping turn bad atmospheric carbon, into good soil carbon via photosynthesis. We are grateful to have ZFPA assist us to build out the HGF platform.

In its first year, ZFPA raised over HKD1.8 million via 50 restaurant partners and supporters, enabling them to help fund 9 farming, nutrient cycling and composting projects across HK and GBA. As a side programme, ZFPA also launched “Crops to Shops” to advocate for local, traceable, and organic sourcing. This program paved the way for producers, suppliers, logistics personnel and buyers to engage in the food value chain collectively.

ZFPA assisted us in facilitating the set up of the first online category for “Regenerative Products” in Hong Kong. Under the "Regenerative Products” category, projects funded by ZFPA  have the opportunity to sell their produce directly to restaurants and retail buyers via the HGF  platform. Additionally, customers will be able to learn more about these farmers and their ethos, along with stories that highlight the work regenerative growers and partner organizations such as Homeland Green are currently undertaking.

Local regeneration requires a healthy local consumerism market. ZFPA advocates for, and encourages its restaurant partners to support farmers not only via the 1% pledge program, but by actively engaging in the purchasing of local regenerative produce.

To discover more, explore the participating farms' farm stories!

Images: ZFPA’s team at farm visits