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Restaurant delivery is every Tue, Thu Sat & Sun and lead time is 2 days.

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Hong Miu Farm

Cheong Gor’s Passion to Encourage a Regenerative Movement among Hong Kong Farms

Images: Cheong Gor at his farm

Cheong Gor has been farming since 2002. He used to be an electrician, and farmed for around ten years in the hills and at home as a hobby. With the passion of growing his own food, he then decided to become a full time farmer as he took over a farm from his friends. Since then he has been farming organically. However after several years, he witnessed multiple difficulties especially in dealing with pests. The land became more compact and he faced losses due to serious pest issues. As Cheong Gor was looking for solutions, he started to learn about regenerative farming from Homeland Green, and decided to transition to regenerative practices. Apart from applying good quality compost, he began testing his home-made compost which boosted microbial growth. In return, his crops grew stronger, larger, shinier and more abundant. At one point his celeries even grew up to a meter high!

Images: Cheong Gor’s Produces

Currently Cheong Gor implements practices like crop rotation, cover-cropping, mulching and companion planting. With the help of technical assistant providers funded by ZFPA, along with the guidance of Mrs Josephine from Homeland Green, he will also begin fermenting his own eco-enzymes and explore different types of nutrient amendments. Although he finds it challenging, Farmer Cheong truly believes this is the way forward to heal our planet and to produce more nutritious food.

Image: Big pumpkin at the farm

His vision is to continue farming to feed local citizens with regeneratively grown ingredients, and to build a very successful regenerative farm. By demonstrating how regenerative farming works to benefit both soil and human health, he hopes to encourage his peers to do the same. His vegetables are definitely some of the strongest, vibrant and most flavourful in Hong Kong!


Size: 109,000 sqf 

# of Employees: 5 persons

Years in Operation: 16 yrs

Certification: C07027 & Practicing Regenerative Agriculture [EU standards]