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Welcome to HGF, our produce for the next week will be updated at Friday 5pm.

Restaurant delivery is every Tue, Thu Sat & Sun and lead time is 2 days.

Gingko House – Support Senior Employment, Enjoy Life

Founded in 2003, Gingko House is Hong Kong’s first social enterprise with a staff made up of elderly citizens. Gingko House firmly believes that the elderly are valuable contributors to society. Gingko House firmly stands against the stance that the elderly bogs down social development. In fact, the elderly are a largely untapped labour resource that could elevate production and enrich their lives. While the majority of companies tend to hire younger employees, Gingko House goes against the grain and employs the elderly. By doing so, the House reaffirms their inherent worth and self-confidence, and ensures their financial independence. The mission of Gingko House is to advocate for the rights of the elderly, especially against employment discrimination. As Gingko House can attest to, the elderly are no less capable than younger workers, producing results that can rival the young. Currently, there are more than three thousand elderly under the employment of Gingko House. 

Under the banner of Gingko House, ElderShop provides organic, healthy crops, as well as prepackaged food straight from the kitchens of Hong Kong. The elderly are invaluable to ElderShop's operations as they meticulously package food for the store. In line with ElderShop's principles and the stress on health, the food they provide is nourishing and healthy. For example, their prepackaged wonton noodles are not deep-fried, yet springy and delicious. Combined with the sauce, it is perfect for a cozy meal at home, being low-budget and worth every penny. 

In addition, ElderShop also scours for health supplements, and holds numerous talks, conferences, and workshops for the population. Their topics range from environmental protection, physical and mental health, to vegetarianism. All are welcome to them. Indeed, Eldershop is dedicated to enouraging green life for a better future to all.

ElderShop is made for those who pursue environmental sustainability, mental health, and vegetarianism. It prides itself on bridging the gap between the elderly and society, in addition to its dedication to health and green living. Support local business and elderly employment opportunities by choosing Gingko House’s ElderShop.