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Our store's delivery is now extended to Cheung Chau, Mui Wo and Tai O, Lantau Island. Please support us!

Restaurant delivery is every Tue, Thu Sat & Sun and lead time is 2 days.

Welcome to HGF, our produce for the next week will be updated at Friday 5pm.

The Birth of Lam Cheong Kee

Lam Cheong Kee was established in 2012. It once set a record of selling 100,000 fish balls in three days on Kweilin Street in Sham Shui Po, which caused a hot topic in the city. The birth of Lam Cheong Kee stems from the owner Mr. Lam's pursuit of food taste and quality. One year, Mr. Lam returned to Hong Kong from overseas and thought, "Why is the food now not as good as before?" Why don't you try to adjust the ratio of some ingredients and pair it with it to increase its umami taste, hoping to bring back childhood memories of delicious food. The result did not disappoint, he succeeded! Mr. Lam's fish balls, spicy sauce, sakura shrimp sauce, and curry sauce are all prepared by Mr. Lam himself.


Therefore, Lam Cheong Kee's priority in the food production process is not the cost of ingredients, but whether the ingredients are high-quality. Based on this principle, fish ball with an 80% fish-meat ratio will be released. Taking sakura shrimp sauce as an example, Mr. Lam searched many places and countries, tried many different varieties, and finally decided to use sakura shrimp from a certain place of origin to make sakura shrimp sauce. Even the soy sauce for shrimp fried noodles is a unique taste prepared by Mr. Lam himself. This is Mr. Lam's insistence on making delicious food.


As Mr. Lam's motto says: first make the food well, and the food will naturally reward you! Although Lam Cheong Kee has only been in business for a few years, it has been praised by diners as "Fish Balls with Conscience" and "Hong Kong Conscience". It seems that customers have felt Mr. Lam's attitude of making food with heart.


Mr. Lam's wish: to continue to develop and innovate in food, and to bring delicious food to everyone.